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This elf turned out surprisingly happy! He’s my main character in Elder Scrolls Online: Elming Butternut

Lorelion is a very sad elf and Lil’Ugly is his only friend

My orc has worked hard for the nice things in life and now he’s totally enjoying them :D Like this hot bath after another dirty dungeon run

I furnished my Nord’s house to look like a bakery. Her name is Esa Sweetroll and she’s from Windhelm, where her family has been making sweetrolls for a very long time. Also, the Precursor was repurposed into helping with the shop :D

I recently gave my High Elf this Banekin pet. His default name in-game is “Lil’Ugly”, which I absolutely love! And of course he now needs his own tiny furniture for my elf’s home.

A while back I got my orc sorcerer this awesome dwemer spider vehicle and then gave him a matching pet 😍