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I recently rewatched both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and they’re so much fun!

Watched the show, loved it, had to contribute something!

When you’re on good terms with Vivienne, she says something along the lines of introducing the Inquisitor to her tailor and I’ve always tried to picture what that would look like!

This elf turned out surprisingly happy! He’s my main character in Elder Scrolls Online: Elming Butternut

Lorelion is a very sad elf and Lil’Ugly is his only friend

My orc has worked hard for the nice things in life and now he’s totally enjoying them :D Like this hot bath after another dirty dungeon run

I really wish the game would allow us to change the body type of our Inquisitor. I always imagine my Adaar to be rather slender, especially compared to Bull!

I recently caught up with the latest season of Doctor Who and I really liked the series’ new feel. Most importantly, I’m very excited about finally having a female Doctor. I’ve always fantasised about being a companion but now I suddenly caught myself wondering, what things would be like, if I was the Doctor. Representation sure is important!

I furnished my Nord’s house to look like a bakery. Her name is Esa Sweetroll and she’s from Windhelm, where her family has been making sweetrolls for a very long time. Also, the Precursor was repurposed into helping with the shop :D

Once again I’m casually playing my way through Dragon Age Inquisition, so here are Josie and my Adaar!

Bulbasaur is my favourite starter, but I‘d be pretty allergic to him in real life….

These two are really the main reason I got so much into Deep Space Nine ❤

I recently gave my High Elf this Banekin pet. His default name in-game is “Lil’Ugly”, which I absolutely love! And of course he now needs his own tiny furniture for my elf’s home.

More Deep Space Nine art! One of my goals this year is to set aside more time to draw fanart and so far it’s working out quite nicely :D

A while back I got my orc sorcerer this awesome dwemer spider vehicle and then gave him a matching pet 😍

There were lots of things I liked about Deep Space 9 - one of them is Jake’s and Nog’s friendship, especially in the earlier seasons!

I’ve been watching lots of Star Trek this year but it wasn’t until Deep Space Nine that I actually kinda joined the fandom. There’s always so much reference searching involved when you’re starting to draw new fanart, but I’ll get there…!

It’s an old fandom and I feel a little self-conscious joining now, but better late then never :) Thanks, Netflix, haha…

Here they are again - my Elder Scrolls Online characters :D

When I’m not working, I’m mostly hanging out in The Elder Scrolls Online. There’s just too much to do in that game! And I absolutely love how you can create such individual characters, dress them up and furnish their homes :)